Dancing Is Life

There’s too many smiles and too many colors in life to let it go to waste! Make every minute count and every memory last longer with a party to remember. We believe that every special event, every party should have the hype it deserves…that’s our job – bringing the party to YOU!




Make It Fun

A DJ shouldn’t be just someone playing music. A DJ should be an Entertainer! They should be a master of ceremonies. They should be able to see a crowd, figure out what gets the party going, and execute, execute, execute!!!

“Seth is AWESOME!! I’m so glad we picked him to DJ for our senior celebration! He was over our budget but it was soooo worth it! He’s good and loves what he does ūüôā He arrived super early, on his own merit and I appreciate that! His sound system was superb and we enjoyed the karaoke and the lights. He’s organized, social and again awesome! I highly recommend him.”

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Live Dates

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